The Thermomix TM31 is every chef’s extra pair of hands. It will stir and cook simultaneously. It will blend the finest purées. It also offers speed, safety, reliability and creative opportunity. Chefs and caterers throughout the world depend on Thermomix because it saves them time and effort and produces consistently good results.

  • Outstanding blending and purées
  • Perfect crème for Crème Brulée cooked in 8 – 12 minutes, ready to chill
  • Hollandaise first time, every time in just 3 – 4 minutes
  • Herbs and vegetables chopped in seconds
  • Ground spices to powder, smooth curry pastes, grind coffee beans
  • Soups and pasta sauces from preparation to cooking to puréeing, all in one machine
  • Fresh fruit sorbets in 2-5 minutes
  • Creme Anglaise for your ice creams
  • Ganache centres for hand-made chocolates
  • Blending up to 2 litres
  • Parmesan grated in seconds – a favourite of Italian chefs
  • Pesto and perfectly emulsified dressings
  • Wonderful fresh pasta dough kneaded effortlessly
  • Crush ice for cocktails, quick sorbets, drinks
  • Custards, cakes and breads
  • Liver Pâté and other spreads
  • Zabaglione in 6 minutes, whisked and heated by the TM31

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